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Research to Revenue : Leasing to IP commercialization. Need for Industry - Academia Interface

Event Description

To aware researchers & innovators about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights, its process and its utilization for commercialisation.

Date : 22-04-2020

Time : 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Venue : Online Platform

Speaker Profile

Speaker Name : Mr. Padmin Buch

About Speaker : Mr. Padmin Buch is a Senior IPR Domain Expert as also Project & Management Advisor. He holds about 30 years of combined experience of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Corporate Industry, and Entrepreneurship / Startup.

“Research to Revenue: leasing to IP commercialization. Need for Industry-Academia Interface”

“Research to revenue- Sarasvati to Laxmi”
Today, the commercialization of university-generated knowledge looms large in the public discussion. This is natural given the recent technology in key industries. Since a large share of the production of scientific results takes place at universities, the interface between universities and industry has come into focus. When we research or innovate something, which is essentially creating Intellectual Property, has to reach a logical conclusion, it should be utilized by the industry, business, or society. Innovation must-have utility in the market. Converting the intangible property into tangible property is called  Intellectual Property Rights, it includes inventions, literary, artistic work, symbols, names, images & designs used in commerce. Research to revenue process is considered as Sarasvati to Laxmi. We live in a knowledge economy; we are in the world of competitors. So Intellectual Property Rights are very important for every researcher & innovator.

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