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Building The Value SaaS Way

Event Description

Date : 15-06-2020

Time : 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Venue : ZOOM

Speaker Profile

Speaker Name : Thiyagarajan M

About Speaker : Partner at Upekkha which helps founders build Value SaaS business. Value SaaS means capital efficient from the start, these businesses get to the first million in revenue with tiny or no investment. Thereafter they chart a path of pull-based growth through institutional venture capital investment, strategic M&A or organic hyper-scale. An engineer, CEO of an early-stage startup, product manager & head of product and also innovation leader at Intuit. Along this experience have put together high-performance teams and built world-class products to win in existing markets and attack new markets. Also helped over 100 founders build their v1 & v2 products and assisted a handful in their M&A. Wrote a guide book called Value Saas Basecamp guide for Indian founders.

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