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How to be a data driven innovator

Event Description

The objective of the webinar is to make students & innovators aware of Patent information & utilizing this information for being data-driven innovator.

Date : 20-04-2020

Time : 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Venue : Online Platform

Speaker Profile

Speaker Name : Mr. Amit Patel

About Speaker : He is currently promoting the Free To Use Patented Technology in a strategic way for the benefits and growth of Industry. He also has a good understanding & expertise on subjects related to IPR, especially to Patents. He does have a vast knowledge and a clear understanding of the Indian Patents Act & Rules. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor (IPR/Patents) at Gujarat Technological University. And he is also interested in Patent Research, Analysis, Technology Transfer, Licensing, Commercialization.

“How to be a Data-Driven Innovator”


“Be capable enough to work on your own decision.”

Whether you have been hearing about “business intelligence,” “data analytics,” or the infamous term “big data,” there is one reason for all of the excitement about data right now and why you should care. It is this: Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) presents tremendous economic and social value capable of transforming the way we work, communicate, learn, and live our lives. Data-driven innovation is one of those technical terms that’s thrown around a lot in innovation circles, however, few people have a clear idea of what it actually means, often misrepresenting it to others who further confuse the issue. That’s because it can be hard to truly understand this crucial innovation style without having clear examples to hand. To keep a competitive edge, companies often like to keep their innovation and product development strategies a secret, making it difficult for newcomers to learn how these processes function in a real working environment.

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